Community Boards & Committees

Get Involved in Your Community!
Volunteering to serve on one of the many Boards, Committees or Commissions is a great way to serve the community and become a part of its future. In addition to the Boards listed below, there are many committees within these boards that also need members. Please contact the department responsible for each board for additional information.

To volunteer to serve on one of these boards, please complete the Volunteer Board Application. An additional application specific to the board you are applying for may also be required.
  1. Board of Adjustments

    Hears all appeals on any variance to a ruling made by a city official or a variance to any local codes.

  2. Building Standards Commission

    This board hears all appeals and renders decisions upon rulings and refusals of ruling by the building official when requests for a modification or a variation from the provisions of this division have been made.

  3. Elgin Economic Development Corporation

    The Elgin Economic Development Corporation administers the sales tax and owns and operates the Elgin Business Park.

  4. Envision Elgin

    The goal of Envision Elgin is to promote sustainable growth of Elgin, through coordinated and cooperative leadership in order to attract businesses, encourage lifelong learning, and maintain the shared belief in Elgin's core values.

  5. Historic Review Board

    The Historic Review Board meets to review applications for alterations to buildings including signs within the historic district in downtown Elgin.

  6. Library Advisory Board

    The board makes suggestions to the City Manager and Council about the function the library plays in the community through policy, procedure and other issues.

  7. Main Street Board

    The board promotes downtown revitalization through the Main Street Four Point Approach and hosts the Hogeye Festival.

  8. Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

    The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board reviews and make recommendations for maintenance, operation, planning, development, enlargement, and use of park facilities and services.

  9. Planning & Zoning Commission

    The Planning and Zoning Commission addresses issues related to zoning, new development, and land use.

  10. Public Safety Advisory Committee

    The board reviews public safety items related to police, fire, and emergency management services.

  11. Traffic Control & Safety Committee

    The Traffic Control & Safety Committee reviews requests from Elgin Residents for issues concerning street signage, traffic control measures, speeding, etc. The committee makes recommendations to City Council to implement changes as appropriate.