Trash & Recycling

Regular Weekly Trash Service
If you need service, a new cart, new recycle bin, extra recycle bin, dumpster or other container, please call Utility Billing. Please note that you may still put out bags of garbage until you receive your trash cart. Credit will not be issued due to lack of containers. Please see the Trash & Recycling Procedures.

Call us to request repair or replacement of a broken trash cart or to request recycle bins. 

Recycling Services
Recycling conserves natural resources, creates jobs, and saves landfill space. Recycling is included with the weekly trash service for residential customers with in the city limits.
See our Recycling Guide.

Bulk Trash Pickup

Bulk trash pickup is every other Tuesday. Arrangements must be made in writing, in advance, to be placed on the pickup route by emailing the Utility Billing Department or complete and submit a Bulk Trash Pick Up Request. Deadline for scheduling a bulk pick up is 5:00 PM the Friday before the next pick up date. Items must be set out by the Monday before at 5 PM and if items are not all serviced, they have to be brought in the day after by 7 AM. This is a free service for Residential Customers only and is included in the price they pay for water, wastewater, recycling and garbage service. Trash & Recycling Procedures.
Dead Animals, Whole Trees, Construction Debris (including fixtures such as tubs and toilets), Hazardous Waste and/or Piles over 3 cubic yards* Do NOT Qualify for bulk pick up. These items must be disposed of by the resident.  
*3 cubic yards is roughly a load that would fit in a standard pick up truck bed.

If you need bulk trash service more frequently than two to three times per year, or you want to have bulk trash removed immediately, please consider the options below.

Bulk Trash Service Dates

View the City Services Calendar for upcoming dates.